Live Wallpapers for Me App Reviews

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Decent overall

Decent free app but resolution seems to be too low for iPhone X. It’s not as defined as the stock wallpapers but it’s nice to have more to choose from. The ads aren’t too bad. Good job.

Live wallpapers are nice but...

There are way too many ads. I just opened the app for the first time, scrolled through two wallpapers and received an ad. Then I scrolled one wallpaper and received another ad. This is ridiculous. I recommend you find the wallpaper you like, and then delete the app because there’s more ad runtime then there is app runtime. I literally just went back into the app to see if an ad would pop up and it did! Ad #3 in 2 minutes! And this ad is a pop up ad that is shaped like a windows install .exe. Very poor app. Changing from original 3 star to 1


I did what the app said but it did not work please fix Oh yeah I do have the live wallpaper feature on my phone because it works on other apps

It’s OK

The app itself is an ok app if you don’t have a 7 and above the app doesn’t work. Also the adds are kind of long and annoying but the WHOLE app is free so , I get it. It says that it works on a 6s and it doesn’t so beware if it somehow could have a way of not having to have a iPhone 7 and up it would get a 5 stars from me ?

Very good.Only thing...??

I love this app.There is just one thing. See,I have an iPod Touch,and when I save a photo,I go to settings,and change the wallpaper.Buuuuut... When I go to the home screen and hold down,well...nothing happens. It is just like some other regular,non-moving screen for your device. I am so sorry and I do so hope you do not believe that I am INSULTING you.Because I really never do that with any of my other reviews. Please respond to my message and very blessing response. God bless you and hope you are safe and loved.?? -Me


Terrible spamming app



Ads ads ads.

Don’t download the new live wallpapers. The old Pimp my screen was (is) great but I wanted to see animated ones. The ads that come on are so annoying. Free version? Ok but still every few seconds something pops up. So annoying. I am deleting it now.

It’s not working for my sisters iPhone 6 Plus

I got this app because she had it and it wasn’t working for her iPhone 6 Plus and we wanted to test to see if it would work on my iPhone 7. It worked on mine but it didn’t work on hers cause the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t have the Live Photo for wallpapers and normal photos. I think that you guys so should take down the part where you said it worked on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Muy buena!?

Está bien, pero necesita algunas mejoras en los fondos de pantalla, pero por lo demás está muy bien!?


This is a good app for everyone ?

10/10 would recommend

Best app ever ??

Ads everywhere

Really annoying with ads

Its amazing!

Works great! Thank you for not online purchasing!??

Awesome App

This app (apart from the ads, of course) is pretty great and has some nice wallpapers. But there is a disturbing trend happening in these reviews, which is the fact that most 1-2 star reviews are people complaining the app doesn’t work for their phone. IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE THAT IS OLDER THAN A 7 LIVE WALLPAPER WILL NOT WORK. Stop blaming this app when you are so utterly uneducated and ignorant about your own phones. To anybody going through reviews, be wary of the low rated reviews. They are mostly stupid people who don’t know the features of their own phone. It’s a good app, for IPHONE 8 AND UP.



Too Many Ads

I understand the $ aspect but really a lot of crap



Did not work

This app did not work for my iPhone 8 after following all of the steps.

Love it

I love it but I can’t use it as my home screen other then that I love it

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