Live Wallpapers for Me App Reviews

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You have to pay

You have to pay

Doesn’t work. iPhone X

Every time I open it it states “Oops something went wrong. Cannot load new wallpapers”. Not a single wallpaper loads or shows up. Waste of time.

Plz help app not working

This app is not working and I already paid for it

Doesn’t even work

Just purchased.... and the app doesn’t load any wallpapers for me to choose. ZERO. Total waste of money.


hello it won’t let me download or even look at pictures!


It does not work for me. When I first got this app I thought it would work for my phone but it doesn’t.




I’m not paying 7.99 for a dam picture to be on my phone. Don’t waste your time downloading it. 7 day free trial & after that it’s 7.99.

How do I cancel the subscription???

It’s useless I don’t want to pay for this I have a 3 day trial but I wanna cancel before it charge me anything. How do I cancel ???


I cant get it to work if you get this app you get a regular wallpaper app

This is the worst app ever it isn’t free


Totally NOT FREE

You are forced to subscribe in order to receive 3 days free and then you will be charge some crazy fee like $2.99 PER WEEK ?‼️. BTW I Do have an iPhone 7 so ? ? Im $eriously thinking about giving up my reclu$ive life and getting into the live wallpaper bu$ine$$??

This app is awful.

This app is honestly, garbage. I downloaded one of the photos so excited that my wallpaper would move. I set it up, and did what the app said to do to see it move, but it didn’t. I thought i was reading it wrong, so i went back to the app and reread the directions:nothing. So basically dont get this lying rip off of an app. It isnt a good one.??????????????

Why charge 7.49$ per week

When you swipe to search for wallpapers, there’s “premium wallpapers” and free wallpapers.. an add every other swipe, Ridiculous!

Not worth your time

It just keeps trying to get you to pay money. There are no free options.


Apps is beautiful but wow within the first 10 seconds of using you will be overwhelmed with ads .

It stopped working....

This app was ok until it just completely stopped updating the wallpapers. I update the app when it tells me to, and it says at least once a day that it has new wallpapers up, but it’s been the same one every time since the first of the year. Oh well. On to a new one I guess. Update: so I didn’t end up deleting this app because it finally worked itself out and the new wallpapers were added, but now they have this I guess it’s called “premium wallpapers” that you have to pay for. This is a free wallpapers app. If you want people to pay then they should just pay for the app itself. Who wants to go spend money on something that should be free??? So this is me actually deleting the app.

What Happened To Free?!?!

When I looked at the app it said “free” but when I got it, $15 was missing from my account! It makes me so mad!

Cool but...

It could use more abstract ones that are free, like everything is a payment

Needs to allow all iPhones

It’s sort of stupid because I have a six plus and it only works as still backgrounds, after all the app is called “live” wallpaper. it might work great on newer iPhones but I would like you to make it for all older iPhones because it might be very annoying for people with an iPhone 5 or 6 to download this app and realize that it just doesn’t work.

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