Live Wallpapers for Me App Reviews

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Nothing but ads

Could be good!

If you could actually navigate through the app without the ads I’m sure this app would be amazing until then it blows! Only gave it a one star because it wouldn’t let me submit no stars! Zac

It doesn’t work

I have the IPhone 5S and this app doesn’t work in it. It constantly sends ads and gets me on to safari when I’m just trying to look at a wallpaper.

Not bad

I have the iPhone 6S, and at first I thought it wasnt working. But all you have to do is press down harder. Great app, but I would like more variety in the photos.

Ads are annoying

The live wallpapers are okay but there’s not enough variety to make it worth paying for an upgrade to get rid of the annoying ads. Why doesn’t holiday category have any Christmas wallpapers?? That should be a no-brainer.


Too many advertisements. Can’t even see one wallpaper. Automatically opens up safari and then a game demo...waste of time and space on my phone

Doesn’t work right on my iPhone 7plus

I put my finger on the lock screen and nothing happens. Finally my phone will go to it’s setting in black. So I try again and it works... one out of every 5 tines. Then I realized. What is an animated wallpaper if you have to touch and hold and it lasts fo a second? I just paid 3 dollars and I’m so annoyed. I used to have an app on Android called “fuzzys” or something like that and on the play screen these lil fuzzy, round, guys would bounce and roll around your apps depending on how u filter it. THAT was awesome. But it does what it says.

Love it!

I love the awesome and amazing pictures that they provide!(I just wish that there were a search feature). But all together, is highly recommended it


Awesome app❤️


I use iPhone 7 Plus and after I’ve set the Live wallpaper, it turns blurry once I 3d tap it on my home or lock screen.

Not working

Love this app however the pictures do not download they are not live no matter how many times I try please fix


Bad and terrible the live videos dont move ? why if you haves iPod or iPad DONT BUY IT it won’t work please fix this problem it is so annoying p.s DONT BUY IT there is a reason it is free it is TOTAL GARBAGE ????????????????????????????


Every second there is an ad and I deleted it almost at instant because it kept talking my phone to a website. I don’t recommend this app but if it wasn’t for the adds I guess it would be better.

Be careful with the payments!

I’d like to stop the membership but I can’t delete it. How can I do it?


Let me tell you just one thing, you CANNOT see a single picture without an add!!! So how do you want me to select what I like if I can’t see the main reason that is to choice an wallpaper?!?!? Guys I know that adds are what brings money but it’s worthless if you can’t do nothing but see adds, perhaps change name to the app to “Adds for free”? ➖⭐️‼️

Too Many Ads

This app has so many ads you will pull your hair out. It also gors to Safari and tells you to click on this link as your phone has viruses, which it does not. Apple said there’re us nothing wrong with the phone. I am uninstalling this annoying app. You get an ad every time you try to get a live wallpaper. Very very annoying.

Garbage App

This app is a total piece of garbage as it serves up ads and pop up messages after every single interaction you have don’t bother with this one because it will just piss you off and frustrate you to know and and less you like your phone being completely taken over and held hostage while using it.

Too Many Ads!!!!

Love the wallpapers and they work well but this app is going overboard with the ads. Ive gotten up to 3 ads back to back just to see 1 live picture its too much ?

0 stars if I could


Why this does not work

I do not like this because it does not work at all. I read the instructions hundreds of times. I tried it millions of times and it does not do a thing, but I do like the pictures tho.

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